NFT impact offsetting

With Regen ecocredits

Verifiable cross chain ecocredit retirement on Solana with Carbon, Water, and Habitat credits

Septic Sewage Treatment, Orlando, Florida

How users retire ecocredits

User chooses a project they want to support by offsetting their environmental impact with and logs in with Solana wallet.

Fill in details on who is credited with offsetting emissions and choose amount of credits to retire.

Pay for credits in USDC or SOL and confirm. This will retire credits on Regen Network, this will mint your NFT on solana with the embedded transaction hash and all details filled in.

All ecocredits are verifiable on chain on the regen ledger with proof embedded in the nft

NFTs are created by you

Project Supported (Determines Background)
Amount of Credits Purchased (No Minimum)
Currency (USDC or SOL)
Retiree's Name (Chosen)

The User connects their Wallet and completes the transaction

Support decentralized grassroots environmental innovation

Support decentralized grassroots environmental innovation

Open ecocredit markets
Incentivize local action
High verification standards
More than just carbon
Incredible opportunity for real change
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